“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

– Jennifer Lee



I’m passionate about empowering retreat facilitators in the fields of personal development, spirituality and wellness to expand their impact by delivering unforgettable and transformational experiences for their clients.

In addition to supporting retreat facilitators, I also consult with wellness and spa resorts, helping them improve their facilities and offerings to meet the demand of the ever-growing retreat business.

As both a retreat coordinator and consultant with over 30 years experience in the travel, hospitality, event management and coaching industries, I’ve gained a unique perspective on how every experience should be layered to take the uncertainty out of planning or hosting your next retreat.

Why are destination retreats so important to me?

I am a true believer that travel isn’t just for the “self;” the growth and expansion that happens when we visit new places creates new experiences, opens our hearts to new perspectives and has a domino effect that carries over into our relationships, our businesses and every other part of our lives. To me, travel is the catalyst that sparks awareness of who we are in the world.

Destination retreats take travel to a whole new level. Retreats are a vehicle that offer the space and focus to release old paradigms, ignite your life-force and reward you with the timeless gift of transformation. A transformational retreat will impact not only your self-development, but that of your children and their children.

Life is better for everyone when leaders like you step up and facilitate breakthroughs through the power of retreats. When you give yourself permission to shine brighter, you give your clients that same gift — they shine brighter and everyone benefits.

Why choose me as your Retreat Coordinator and Consultant?


I Have the Experience

As a travel agent and agency owner for over 30 years, I have toured and stayed at hundreds of resorts and retreat centers throughout North America. With a certification in conference and event management I also have held numerous hospitality positions including work as an experience planner and advisor at the world-renowned Miraval Wellness Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

This gives me a special understanding of what it takes for a resort to become the desired destination for retreat leaders.

I know the logistics inside and out

From managing guests to creating the agenda to choosing the perfect food and beverage… I know the logistics inside and out.

I can help ensure you don’t make costly mistakes and instead give your guests an experience they will talk about for years to come!



I AM the travel agent

Planning your own retreat can be overwhelming. Not to mention the added stress of needing to choose a destination and managing travel arrangements and logistics from afar.

I remove that stress so you can focus on your message and leave the details to me.

I have extensive personal connections with the best resorts across North America to help you find the perfect location for your retreat. Once we choose the location, I’ll manage travel arrangements and lodging for you and your guests… all while getting you the best deals and saving you money wherever possible.

I have extensive connections with guest experts

My personal connections with guest experts are not only extensive, but of the highest quality to help you put together the best retreat experience for you, your clients and your business. If you need a massage therapist, angel card reader, nutrition specialist, or movement instructor or almost any other expert, I can connect you with the right person.

My step-by-step process ensures every important aspect of your retreat is carefully met.

Over many years doing this work, I’ve grown familiar with the steps that must unfold, and in what order, to create a successful retreat, from idea to final experience.

You can rest assured that I will leave no stone unturned to ensure your retreat is successful. Your clients will love the experience, you will feel elated to be living aligned with your higher purpose, and your business will thrive from the experience.


On a personal note…

When I’m not planning retreats, you might find me…

  • dancing the Argentine Tango
  • meeting up with friends in great destinations
  • immersed in deep conversations with my close circle of friends
  • exploring the beautiful outdoors on a hike or trail run
  • sharing meaningful experiences with my grown children and grandchildren
  • singing harmony
  • enjoying decadent and exotic food experiences
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