Can Travel Really Change Your Life?

Can you remember a time when a trip you took changed your life? I can... I had just turned 16 years old and my parents had just divorced. My dad owned his own business and had a meeting in Washington D.C., he asked me to attend with him. I’d never [...]

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4 Ways to Reduce Risk When Planning Your Next Retreat

The one thing that is constant in the travel business is CHANGE! What you think might happen, won’t and what you hope will happen will usually look very different than expected. Below are 4 ways to reduce risk when planning your next retreat... all things I've had to learn the [...]

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How to Incorporate Ceremony Into Your Next Retreat

Creating Ceremony in your retreat can be one of the most important aspects. Ceremony can anchor important concepts and help bridge gaps in understanding. Ceremony always has a deeper meaning and intention behind it. The most common times for ceremony are at the beginning and closing of an event and [...]

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