Creating Ceremony in your retreat can be one of the most important aspects.

Ceremony can anchor important concepts and help bridge gaps in understanding. Ceremony always has a deeper meaning and intention behind it. The most common times for ceremony are at the beginning and closing of an event and during a closure of a concept or important event or learning. You will want to not overdue but having impacting ceremony for your retreat can add a very powerful and life-changing component. Keeping in mind that ceremony is not the same as an exercise. You’ll use exercises throughout your retreat – but ceremony will be the glue that brings it all together.

Once you have your programming outlined you’ll want to see where you can add ceremony.

Some of the retreats we have done ceremony has been in these places:

  1. Welcome reception
  2. After an important or transformative session or workshop
  3. During a specialty tour or excursion/experience
  4. At closing of the retreat
  5. At the farewell dinner

Below are some examples of past retreat ceremonies we have done. It might spur some inspiration for your next ceremony at your retreats.

  1. Setting intentions: This could be done numerous of ways, written down, vision boards, spoken word, a native dance
  2. Blessing from a cultural elder
  3. Invited Oneness Blessing practitioners for ceremony
  4. Music – A significant song or theme is sung before and after retreat
  5. Mud baths and then a cleansing in the ocean
  6. Fire Ceremony – throwing old ideas or beliefs on paper into the fire.

No matter what your ceremony is, making sure that it fits your theme and it has significance to your message is the key. Keep it simple and significant and you will make a powerful impact with your guests.