Our European retreats incorporate magical local experiences,
complete with guides, villas and spa stays.

Who is This Retreat Suited for?

This retreat package is best suited for the discerning traveler who wants to experience unique spa treatments and serene surroundings.

It’s perfect for the facilitator that offers ½ or full day workshops, as well as weekend retreats. With organic food and drinks, indoor space for yoga and outdoor areas for hiking; foodies and fitness enthusiasts alike will love the United States resorts. Retreat leaders will have a variety of choices of wellness classes and experiences to incorporate into their sessions.

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Creating the Magic



Custom Classes

Experiential experiences integrate your message to a new level. We will help you customize specialty tours and experiences that will offer your participates an even deeper level of learning. Options for our US Retreat destinations can include: Nature hikes, yoga on the rocks, equine insights, rock climbing and rappelling, gourmet cooking classes and much more.

Layered Learning

Your guests hunger for new and exciting experiences and you want them to integrate your message. Our unique insights with layered learning adds a new element to your message. We take into account all the senses, sights, sounds, tastes, textures and smells. Everyone learns a little differently and being mindful of this allows each participate to experience your message and the destination in new and exciting ways.





Casual Gourmet Dining

You can customize your retreat by having meals included in your package or we can have options for on your own dining. All meals are organic and intended for your wellness. Smoothies, juices and limited alcohol are available.

Sample of a Daily Itinerary

Day 1

4:0opm: Welcome reception on an outdoor patio or in a private room.
6:00pm: Private dinner with a short presentation.

Day 2

8:00am: Yoga on the red rocks.
9:00am: Breakfast on your own.
10:00am: Meet in the Sedona room for the day’s session/class or experience.
1:00pm: Lunch on your own / Optional spa treatments or meditation.
3pm: Meet in the Sedona room for the afternoon’s class/workshop or experience.
6:00pm: Meet in the culinary arts center for a quick lesson on cooking with fresh herbs complete with tastings!
7:00pm : Group dinner.
8:30pm: Meet at the activity center for an evening walk into the canyon and a guided astrology tour complete with star gazing.

Day 3

7am: Breakfast on your own.
8am: Meet at the activity center for an adventure through a national park.
1pm: Lunch on your own.
3pm: Meet in the Sedona room for our workshop session.
6pm: Evening on your own for spa treatments, meditation class or restorative yoga. Dinner on your own.

Guest experts and workshops can enhance your retreat!

No matter the type of guest expert or workshop you’re looking for, I can connect you with the right person! Here are a few examples:

✓ Emotional growth experts
✓ Boundaries, Parenting, Goals & Intentions workshops
✓ Writing workshops
✓ Fitness coaching for tri-athletes
✓ Equine therapy experience
✓ Culinary classes
✓ Energy work

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